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      In our opinion cappers watchdog is the most professional monitoring service we have dealt with. the site is constantly improving with more information being added all the time. the staff is always helpful and quick with their response. we enjoy working with them.
         Derrike Alexander

      I have been with many monitoring services from the A.A.D.S.S. in Vegas to the Sports Monitor in OK City since the 90's. I know the good sports monitors and the bad sports monitors. So, when choosing a sports monitor, I look for certain criteria which would give my picks unquestionable credence. Cappers Watchdog has provided me with indisputable documenting of all my plays during my tenure with them.
Some sports monitors are laxed in their play acceptance and also tend to play "favorites" and bend the rules for some cappers. Cappers Watchdog has never swayed from their documenting policies and provide undeniable proof of a cappers record. I have to make sure my documented record is never compromised and as long as I am monitored by Cappers Watchdog, my documented record can never be questioned.
I have been with Cappers Watchdog for years, and don't plan to leave. They provide my clients the most accurate documentation of my picks than anyone else could. I commend Cappers Watchdog on their hard work and excellence in sports monitoring.
         Al--Chief Handicapper/Co-Owner, Sports America Sports Service

      As a professional handicapper you want to be monitored by a recognizable service so that you can compete with the other honest handicappers and state to the betting public that your selections are documented. But more importantly you want to be listed in national publications with your ranking against the other handicappers. The more exposure you have, the more business you capture, if you are highly ranked and have an honest and reasonable service. A monitoring service that does this well is Cappers Watchdog.
         Eddie McKinney, Fast Eddie Sports

      Cappers Watchdog is our official handicapping monitoring site. We've been with them for years now, and they are the most reliable and trustworthy out there. The site continues to get more comprehensive and user-friendly as time goes on. Bottom line - it keeps EVERY capper on here honest. And that's all any REAL capper can ask for. TheGeekSheet is willing to go head-to-head with anyone around, and with an independent, third party monitoring service, like Cappers Watchdog, that gives us our chance, reputation and validation. In an industry wrought with misinformation, absurd claims, dubious personas, and outlandish supposed winning percentages, Cappers Watchdog is the answer key that allows you, the customer, to distinguish between the sleazy salesmen and the true capper!

      We have been monitored faithfully by Cappers Watchdog since 2004 and have nothing but the up most respect for the job they do. We have seen many improvements and upgrades over the years in a successful effort to make things as easy as possible for the handicappers to place their picks and for the viewers to trust the accuracy of their records. The customer service has been far beyond that of any other monitor we have ever used. We recommend them highly.
         Nick Hurley - Bestpicks Sports Handicapping

      We at BPO Sport Corp have been using Cappers Watchdog since the beginning. Cappers Watchdog has never asked us for a penny, but yet have always replied back (Quickly) when we have emailed them in a time of need. The ease of use is a huge plus Whether you log in , or simply add the Dog to your mailing list, your plays will be graded and updated to your #s in no time. Being with Cappers Watchdog for as long as we have, we have seen them grow from the seed to what they are now. I personally believe that Cappers Watchdog will only continue to better itself in the monitoring industry.
         BPO Sport Corp

      Cappers Watchdog has driven traffic to 3Daily Winners, period. What impresses me about what they do the most is they are always finding ways to improve the site and being creative to helping my business grow. In a world where too many people are thinking me-first, Cappers Watchdog is seeking Win-Win-Win, for the customer, handicapper and themselves.
         Doug Upstone -3Daily Winners

      We have been with many monitors and most don't last long, but with the short time we have been with Cappers Watchdog we have been very impressed. They are always looking to improve the site which benefits us Cappers as well as themselves. They have driven a lot of traffic our way and have kept honest records and that's what you want in a monitoring service.
         Lee Ziegler,

      Capperswatchdog has been hands down the most convenient and most reliable sports monitor. Not only are their records updated right away, but they offer the awards and rankings that many other sports monitors don't. I have been utterly impressed with their ability to continue to stay credible. There are many monitors out there created by other handicappers where you just are not so sure you can trust. Cappers Watchdog is not one of those. As Cappers Watchdog continues to grow so do the handicapping services that are successful. I am proud to have Cappers Watchdog documenting my handicappers and look forward to the future and what they will bring to the industry.
         -Freddy Wills,

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