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How I Win At Sports Betting

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Last Months Earnings - $1084

      First off let me begin by getting a couple of things straight. You would think with all these handicappers its real easy to get a bunch of winners everyday but it doesn't work that way. If I was to try and pick a bunch of winners everyday from all these cappers I would still be guessing as to which ones I think might win and which might not because there are so many picks to choose from. As soon as that word (guess) comes into the picture your doomed.

      The other thing is that we have a collection of very good cappers here and just because a service may not meet the criteria that I have used for success, it in no way reflects the quality of those cappers. They are all fine sports handicapping services and if they have a winning record they are making some money. All the info I use to win is visible to all our visitors by checking our handicapper monitor site everyday.

My Goal

      I first want to narrow it down to two handicapper services to go with because as I said already, taking picks from all the top ones is still leaving too many choices and its not profitable to purchase 9 or 10 services anyway. Purchasing picks from 2 is something that is feasible to most sports bettors if the services are not so expensive that it cuts into your bankroll leaving almost nothing to wager. Two opinions are better than one, but getting it down to one handicapper works also. Now you could just take the top two on the rank list and you would probably fair very well most of the time but all good handicappers have hot and cold streaks. This is due to the fact that most of the quality services use some type of a system and stick with it so win streaks do come back around. Guys that fly by the seat of their pants tend to be more sporadic in their results. You will notice that the rank lists from 1 week to the next or even 1 month to the next has almost all different cappers on it sometimes so you could hit a cold streak. I like to go a bit deeper.

  Step One:  
      What sport are you wagering on? lets say MLB, so we go to the Top 12 MLB rank page and look over the lists. The win % is valuable in telling you how good their system is overall for picking games, where the units earned tells you if the put the correct weight on each game. Some cappers can have a high win % but low earned units. This could happen because they may only play 1-2 units per pick so their totals will never be as high as the guys playing 4-5 per pick and the other is that they may play heavy favorites consistently. If you play -800 moneylines enough it will bite you in the ass. It takes way too many wins to make up for just one upset loss. That is easy to check, just go to that cappers bio page and look over the past 30 days picks. Don't disregard the units rank, but for this reason I tend to look more at the win%. The season rank is important because you see how they do over the long haul... consistency is the name of the game! The month rank tells you if they are currently on a high or a low and finally the week tells you if they are hot or not at the moment. Ideally, if you can find a few cappers on all 3 lists you are in great shape, but not a must.

  Step Two:  
      How much do you wager and how many picks a day can you afford to play? For me, 3-5 picks a day and $50 a unit normally. No need to bet big, if I make $500-$1000 a month, I'm a very happy camper. Plus cappers look for favorable situations and the chances of finding more than that on any given day with 10 -20 games is slim. So I look for a capper the posts about that many plays so I don't need to pick and choose from his plays. If a handicapper service plays 12 games a day and you only play 3, even if they hit 68%, you still need to pick 2 or 3 out of the 12 and those could be the 3 they lose. Find a service that meets your needs. If you play 2 or 3 games use a service that does the same so you benefit from their full win%. The more games you spread your money out on, the more chance you have to lose it.

  Step Three:  
      Verify that their record is as accurate as possible. We take as many steps as possible to insure this for you but we can't control what picks go up and which don't. We list the previous days results so by checking over that everyday you can see if the cappers you are interested in post picks consistently. This can be done by looking over their bio page as well. This is an important step. Now let me say, these guys are very busy and from time to time they are not able to get their picks in on time so they do miss some here and there, thus accounting for the minor differences in displayed records on our website as opposed to the ones on their websites. Lets say a MLB capper posted 2 picks monday, 0 on Tues, 1 on weds, 0 on thurs, 0 on fri, 2 on sat. Chances are either they are not posting them everyday which means you don't know what their real record is, or they are posting everyday and that is all they played, which isn't much for the amount of money you probably paid them. This doesn't mean they are not a good capper, they could go 4-1 every week and make a ton of money. But personally I'm looking for more picks.

  Step Four:  
      At this point you should have it down to 2 or just a few at least. At this point you know they are all good cappers, consistent winners and post as many plays as you need. So check out all their sites from the bio pages and see what each charge. If you feel these are the guys to stick with for the season go with the two that have most affordable season packages. Another approach would be to go through this process on a monthly basis in order to take advantage of the guys that are hot at the moment. In that case you would be more interested in the monthly packages available. You know now that all these guy are winners and will make you money so if one costs you $1000 and another $100, its a no brainer.

  Hope this helps you out.  
      I will continue to post my earnings each day in verification of the process and remember, all our cappers are top quality professionals and the ones that don't fall into my process criteria are still very successful. Don't rule them out!