STATEMENT OF SERVICE is an independent, non-biased monitoring site for the professional sports handicapper industry. We record, but do not post picks, and their success rate on the following professional sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football. In addition to the monitoring service, Cappers Watchdog will make handicappers free picks available for all the general public to see. Only those handicappers that elect to participate will have their picks posted. This is not mandatory as part of our monitoring service. From time to time, situations arise that donít allow our registered handicappers to log in their picks. As an alternative solution, we will manually record those picks at a later time, providing an email is received to the administrator listing those picks the handicapper wishes to have recorded. Provided that those games listed have not started prior to the date and time recorded on the received email. Otherwise, all picks may be recorded automatically through our system by logging in and registering those picks. The system does not accept picks for games that have already started.
In consideration for the monitoring service provided by Cappers Watchdog, we will expect to see our banner located somewhere on your site. We charge a one time fee for lifetime service as long as our banner is displayed and picks are being placed reguarly. Failure to do so may result in memberhip cancelation. Cappers Watchdog expects each handicapper to provide a minimum of ten picks per week to be monitored. This is required in order to assure the accuracy of our cappers weekly ranking. As an alternative we will accept the picks via email each no less than 1 hour prior to game time.A unit value must be placed on each pick. The range of values are between one and five. The default unit value is one. We post the top ten based on most unit values at the end of each week for all sports combined for that particular week.
Any attempt by any registered handicapper to alter their picks or getting picks recorded which produce results that are not honest will automatically be banned permanently from this site and forfeit all monies paid. We run a legitimate site and maintain a high standard for integrity.
Cappers Watchdog reserves the right to modify your web site description should it be deemed not appropriate. We also reserve the right to cancel registration/membership at any time.